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Sooo, remember awhile ago when I posted a lil survey asking what songs I should to for my school's drag show? Well I'm back. Except I'm posting pics...of drag.

Yea. So be nice.

Keep in mind I don't have much makeup on, or ducktape for clevage, or jello-filled-ballon-boobies. Nor am I trying to be professional. It's just a fun fundraiser for Spectrum (BSU's GLBT Group)

Enjoy the DragCollapse )

Whaddya think?

PS. This is what I look like as a guy...
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ELP cycle 1 is starting up this spring!

*****What is ELP?********

The Education for Liberation Project (ELP) is a PAID 4 month
program which aims to provide social justice training for Lesbian,
Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Transgender, Queer and Questioning youth. The
Program will focus on community organizing, political education, and
anti-oppression issues. ELP is looking for 10 LGBTTQ identified
youth ages 22 and under. Women and Trans youth of color are strongly
encouraged to apply.

Trainings are held for 4-6:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at $8 an hour.

Go to for more info.
Applications in pdf format. if you need a word format just email me.
if you can please fax/mail/ hand deliver the applications it would be

Deadline is MARCH 1st

For any questions or more information please call:

Bran Fenner (Program Director of ELP) x 107

Heather Horgan (Outreach Coordinator) x102

Heather Horgan
437 w 16th street LL
New York, NY 10011
a/c/e/1/9/PATH train
to 14th street stop
Phone: 646.336.6789 x 102
Fax: 646.336.6788
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